COVID-19 Workflow

Remote &
Ready to Rock

We’re problem solvers and have been for 40+ years. Our team is no stranger to delayed flights, unexpected weather, missed deliveries, or equipment malfunction...and now our newest hurdle, COVID-19.

We’re here with remote ways to accomplish your photography, motion, and post-production needs. We use the latest streaming technology so it really is like you’re here - minus the studio brewed beer and coffee shop.

Here is how we are adapting our workflow in all of our disciplines:

Hello, We're Bruton Stroube Studios.

We've been taking photos and making films every day for 40+ years and running. Our 34 full-time employees have a passion for creative problem solving, and there isn’t much we can’t do.

Our home is a 55,000 square foot space with 3 studios, post house, and a bunch of the latest creative toys. Our job is to solve clients’ problems, make stuff that matters, and have fun while we do it.

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Lots of picture takers taking lots of pictures. We have 3 photographers who shoot a wide range of disciplines, including food, beverage, lifestyle and animals to name a few. One of our biggest strengths is being able to put multiple photo teams on a single project. With that, we are able to complete large productions with continuity and efficiency. It could be a lifestyle shoot in one studio, while product shots are happening in another, or 3 photographers working 6 food sets in one studio. We make big things happen quickly and beautifully.


Motion & Film

Our Motion production group is comprised of visual problem solvers, planners and ass-busters who prioritize imagery and narrative above all else. The full-time core team sticks together to be nimble for smaller jobs, or splits up to lead multiple units on more complex gigs. One lion is great, but five lions form like Voltron to deal with problems at scale.



Post is the culmination of all your hard work. and we know that. Whether you’re looking for editorial, vfx/animation, sound design, original composition, or all of those things, we've got your back. It'll be comfy too.

Oupost News

We've Partnered With Tribeca

We are thrilled to announce that Bruton Stroube Outpost has partnered with Tribeca and their IF/THEN Program!

Read more here.

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1. A creative, winged beast with sharp instincts, nerdy quirks, and more than a few righteous beards. Breathes coffee, shoots pictures and films.  Now home to a full microbrew setup creating BSS Brews, simply for the love of beer.

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Our House

There is a reason we've been around for so long. We treat people right and think about everything long term. With that in mind, we've brought all the key ingredients in house to be a part of the family, from retouchers to 10,000 square feet of props and wardrobe.


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