Partner • Photographer • Director

Greg Stroube

Greg’s mantra goes something like this: Love what you do and work with others who do the same. Opening Stroube Photography in 1985, Greg eventually teamed up with now retired partners Tom Stringer and Jon Bruton in 1994 to form Bruton Stroube Studios. There isn’t one person on our team who has more of an appreciation of the crafts of photography and film and the story they can tell. Greg commits his rich experience and sense of perfection as the standard that all of our clients have come to expect. A craftsman by nature, Greg applies these ethics to everything he does outside the office, whether he’s building tables, making platinum prints or wrapping fly rods.

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Partner • Photographer • Director

Brandon Voges

As one of the studio’s partners and biggest cheerleader of culture, Brandon is the type of photographer and director clients want to work with. His shoots are a reflection of his personality—fun, relaxed, and slightly silly. This, balanced with an organized and professional approach, creates imagery that is honest, energetic and inviting. Rooted with a deep background in advertising before jumping to the studio side, Brandon brings a sensibility that few in his field possess. When his energy isn’t being applied to his craft, Brandon can be found chasing around his two young sons or beating it out of his system on the rugby pitch.

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Photographer • Beach Bum

Eric Johnson

Eric is a prime example of what a professional photographer should look like. His calm and friendly demeanor is a trademark characteristic, making him a favorite with many of our clients. An early recruit of Bruton Stroube in 1992, Eric brings an artistic eye for detail and the ability to solve any problem on the fly. He is also a skilled woodworker. Stop in sometime and check out the tables he built using the old wooden beams from the original historic building. At home, Eric can be found trying to keep up with his two huskies or planning another exotic trip with his wife Sondra.

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Photographer • Pool Shark

Jake Potts

Who has a pink kitchen and proud of it? Jake does. Also something he’s proud of is his attention to detail and passion for great photography. Jake has that unique quality of having equal powers on both sides of his brain which allows him to create beautiful imagery, and do it with the organization that is a must for a complex commercial production. You get all of that when you work with Jake, along with an infectious positive attitude. Come on in and ask him about his love for mid-century modern everything and German Shepherds named after mountains over one of his favorite mezcals.

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