We're [your] Outpost...

We cut, color, sound design and visually effect all your hard work. Collaboration is at the heart of what we do and we approach each project as a partner. We like dark rooms, coffee, vibe and believe the process is as important as the product.

30s, documentaries, branded content, narratives, 15s or features, 6s or series, we serve as your postproduction outpost. And with streaming capabilities for edit, sound and color, the party can continue from afar (technoooooolllooogyyyyy).

Ford Bronco / ABC

Built Wild

Quibi Original Doc Series

Prodigy Trailer

Tennessee Titans

Tennessee Tough




Rose Quartz Charcoal


This Is How We Live


100 Years


Find Your Breakthrough

Amazon Music

Elton John

Cut Cut Pass


There's a difference between an editor, and someone who edits. We are editors and partnering with you on your project is our core passion. Our editors all have client ready suites and they have to be good at making coffee or we fire them. Each suite is also ready to stream at a moment's notice. So come on in, or don’t - let’s hang out and cut your project. We promise it’ll be a great time.

One of our favorite senses

Sound Design & Original Music

The final leg of sound mountain. For us, this process is as much about delivering a clean soundtrack as it is about contributing sound that has meaning. Foley can define a character. Music can reveal a mystery and smooth dialogue will make sure everyone understands the punchline.

All the colors of the wind


We dream about pixel-perfect highlights and shadows. Obsess over upper shadows, film grain and black levels. And strive for the contrast, consistency and style of a color grade that will take your project from meh to masterful. And yes the room is perfectly calibrated...but so is our streaming set up. Live calibrated color sessions from anywhere.

Making things out of no-things...


Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight of the Kadingir Sanctum? Well, our VFX lead designed that lighting for the latest Doom game (and yes, we obviously know there’s not really moonlight in the Sanctum). Years of experience in big video games and big animated features (think How To Train Your Dragon, The Book of Life) have put our small VFX department in a league with the big dogs. But in order to hang, we know we have to be able to scale with the project; we’ve got connections all over the globe with riggers, modelers, and animators, so we can build the squad to fit the game.


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