Inspired Burger Recipes

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Hellmann's Recipes

The classic burger, one of our favorites. There are many, many ways to prep and cook a burger. And it goes far beyond a beef patty.

The Marlin Company partnered with us to create three seasonal recipe books with 10 burgers for each. Not only did that require a heap of props, but a puppet master to keep all the creatives firing on all cylinders. Eric Sucher took the producing helm and not only managed the production head on, but also made sure the studio smelled amazing for a few weeks. Bravo we say.

  • Photographer Brandon Voges
  • Producer Eric Sucher
  • Agency Marlin Company

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we need multiples

Sets, Props, Stylists

Multiples. Of everything. From sets to food stylists, plates to hero bottles. Being able to run multiple setups concurrently allowed the shot list to be attacked aggressively. And speaking of multiples, our retouchers upstairs worked closely with Brandon to get these images ready for their big moment.

The end result? 30 pictures so tasty it's a shame you can't smell them through your screen.

Got some recipes you want to shoot? Get in touch! We love this stuff.