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Fanta Rebrand

Fanta recently launched its new logo design (created using hand cut paper), alongside a new color palette, new recipe, and a redesigned spiral bottle. Our friends at Momentum Worldwide came to us to shoot the asset library for the rebrand.

This was collaborative project between Greg and Brandon where Greg's team took point on all of the product and splash photography while Brandon's team shot the hands and talent to use with the product shots.

  • Photographer Greg Stroube
  • Photographer Brandon Voges
  • Producer Beau Hillebrandt
  • Agency Momentum Worldwide

The goal was to emphasize the movement and spontaneity of the brand refresh, creating imagery that embodied the brand’s vibrancy and playfulness.

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Paper Artists

With the new logo designed and created with paper, we had to get an expert in-house for the shoot to help bring all those shapes to life. Each flavor has its own custom shape and splashes. Zesty!

We worked with bold colors, dynamic splashes, and bright highlights to capture Fanta’s fun and energetic visual identity.

— Greg Stroube

This was a great project with many moving parts. Our team is familiar handling all the logistics from pre-production to delivery.

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