Mark Bartels is the senior sound designer and engineer. He has been in the commercial sound industry for 14 years, composing, designing, and mixing all things sound here in St. Louis, MO. A musician at heart with a degree in Music Business, Mark started as an aspiring jingle writer in the loop with jingle houses in Chicago, IL. He worked his way from intern to tenure at the Chicago Recording Company, where he honed his skills and love for sound design and established a foot in Hollywood doing ADR work for the feature film industry. A desire to spread his wings and explore the vast realm of audio led him back to St. Louis, where he’s been crushing the game for the last several years. And with a fully outfitted Atmos room, Mark has the ability to deliver that spatial goodness.

across the sonic spectrum


STL City

Inaugural Jersey Reveal

NHRA / FoxSports

Go or Go Home

National Car Rental


National Car Rental

Lose The Wait


Ahead of the Times | Bell's First Call


One Giant Rollout


Transformers Toy Commercial


Great Wall



Square One Brewery

Square One Brewery

Audio | Passion Project

Mountain Climber

Audio | Passion Project



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