Having a profound interest in the power of an image both moving and still, Sam’s philosophy to editing is as in debt to film and video as it is to photography. His love for film photography and the way it can capture an emotion or idea honestly and without pretension can be applied to his editing process as well. His understanding of the weight and impact the medium can have drives his passion for creating with respect to the craft and his collaborators. When he’s not editing, he’s going to shows, traveling, playing soccer, or re-watching season 6 of The Simpsons (again).

100 Years

Yellowstone Bourbon

For All

Pink Siifu

Pink Siifu "Fk U Mean/ Hold me Dwn"

Yes Honey

Yes Honey

Sk8 Liborius

Sk8 Liborius // Long Live Liborius / Anthem Video


A Voice

Golden Gems



Thoughts On: Fostering Creativity

Big Machine Records

Midland: The Sonic Ranch Sessions Trailer


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