Editor. Musician. Artist.
Editor aficionado. Music aficionado. Mixed Media Art aficionado. Vintage T-shirt aficionado. In addition to being an editor, having a diverse background in music and art, he uses those styles to anticipate a cut in the final stages of production. Being able to produce the soundscape before handing it off to our internal sound designer adds a layer of intricacy.

* Learned to edit when he was old enough to touch a keyboard.

Edward Jones

Branch of the Future - Greta


St. Augustine Longform

Texas Pete

Taste of the Good Times

SKYY Vodka

Fall | Asia

Sonic Drive-In

Pink Lady

Edward Jones

Branch of the Future - Lexi & Alex

Buffalo 8 Productions

All Gone Wrong

Climb Soill

Member Spotlight

Lingua Francas

Sonic Drive-In

Nerds Slushie

SKYY Vodka

Fall | USA

Sonic Drive-In

Cherry Limeade


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