Just a guy with passion for stories. I have Michigan roots. I abbreviate a lot of things. Many people say I’m the king of zing & one liners. I'm turning into a bit of a bookworm. My hand eye coordination is above average to almost great. I tend to blend multimedia into my edits with archival footy or motion graphics. I'm a Detroit sports super fan...well... minus the tigers I don't really like baseball. I usually have to repeat my name a solid 4 times on initial meetings & really enunciate the "n" so peeps don't say Chet. I like asking the hard questions.

TL:DR -- Let's collab!

Tennessee Titans

Tennessee Tough


Find Your Breakthrough

Ezra Brooks

Ezra Brooks "Turn It Up to 99"

PRODIGY // Regan Smith // Episode


EP. 02 - Caverns

Detroit Diamond

Sunset to Sunrise: A Glimpse of Ramadan


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