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VFX & Animation

It all starts with the vision

There isn't much we can't do. Sometimes you just want a velociraptor to walk through your school classroom. Other times, you are envisioning a futuristic city lit by lava. Any way you want it, that’s the way you need it, and we can make that happen. With computers.

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Making something from nothing happens in many forms...and we do them all.

Sculpt it


Lots of times that thing that you see in your head isn’t a real thing. So we’ll make it out of ones and zeros. Modeling can start from an existing object in the vast libraries at our fingertips and get tweaked, textured, skinned, dingled and dabbed (OK some of those terms aren’t legit industry jargon, but our VFX department lead was too busy modeling another Jeep to help us out with the writing, so we’re making some of this up.) Anyways, we can start from scratch too, or scan a real object as a starting point. We’re limited only by your imagination. Step up to the challenge. We dare you.

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move it


The thing has to move. It just has to. Unless it’s not supposed to. But even then, it might bend a little or get dropped on the floor and bounce. Animation is the first step in making the thing interact with the scene, and making it look believable. We’ll make sure that farting ghost really ripples her sheets when she cracks one off.

don't move it

Stills and Print Ads

OK we lied— not everything needs animation. It would be great if you could print a cinemagraph in a magazine, but you can’t. So let’s do the next best thing. We can put enough detail into these models to generate ultra high resolution renders— we’re talking 10K+. If that’s not enough detail for your print ad, we’ll… um… add a node or something. But check out this Jeep. It's super detailed. Oh it's not dope enough? You want the Jeep in Periwinkle Blue with another 6” of lift? We got you. But you gotta hire us.

explode it


This is a very big umbrella term, but if all the things under the umbrella are done right, you won’t even notice they’e there— they’ll just blend in like an avocado in a protein shake (it’s super creamy, but you can’t put your finger on why). A little steam coming out of a coffee cup that was cold on set. The sky was cloudless on the shoot day but you had imagined some dramatic cumulonimbus up in there. We’ve also got chops to do the big comic book movie type stuff— extending sets, replacing cars with cooler cars, making stuff glow with imaginary energy, all that kind of stuff.

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mash it


There are times when you can get most of it in camera, but not all of it. This area definitely overlaps a decent amount with the VFX catch-all, but the focus here is combining elements that couldn’t all happen at the same time, or in real life, or whatever.

easy cheese

3D Printing

One of the cool things about modeling things on the personal computer machine these days is that once you have a model, you can tweak it and convert it and then print it out of molten plastic (or metal, or ceramics) and then you have a real life thing. One time we needed an exact replica of a specific car, but 1/8th the size of a real car. So we printed that ish. Let us print your ish too.


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