Shoutout: Resident Artist Megan Singleton

By Julie,

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One of the most incredible things about working in a collaborative photography studio is that everyone here has extensive crafts and skills; we’re always discovering some wild talent, a “what the hell” hobby, or new passion project. Between Jesse nurturing his first vineyard and Jordan making prosciutto in his basement, the house is at full-nerd capacity. Straight-up: the creative energy is rampant. For that, we feel pretty lucky. But this 4-leaf clover won’t be just pressed and put on a shelf. Nope – one of us is going to boil it, grind it up, and make it into paper.

Before you call Leprechaun Protective Services on us, hear me out. Megan Singleton is the aforementioned clover-converter: she makes beautiful things with plants. Outside of her work here as a digital artist, Megan is a fiber artist and an arts educator. Her practice combines elements of sculpture, paper making, found objects, printmaking, photography, and books arts. Here’s a glimpse of her most recent body of work, “Surface Tension:”

FiberArt2 FiberArt3 FiberArt4 FiberArt6 FiberArt1

About her work she states: “I have an expertise in hand papermaking and utilize my knowledge of this historic craft to create work in a contemporary context that transforms invasive plant fibers into works of art. This process of collection and transformation honors the plants as living organisms, while simultaneously engaging and educating viewers about the importance of invasive-species awareness. My work is placed based, inspired by the desire to interpret the landscapes of disrupted, invaded ecologies and natural phenomena.”

Megan exhibits nationally and internationally, and teaches Papermaking and Studio Art courses at Webster University as well as several workshops and demos. She is currently a resident artist at Craft Alliance, where she continues her work in arts and the community.

Here’s the point of this whole shoutout: A few months ago, Megan applied for grant funding to organize community arts events at her neighborhood community garden, McKinley Meadows. Of course, she received the grant and her program is in full bloom. Hit the jump for details at the end of this post. Here’s some shots from a recent papermaking demo she instructed:

wshop3 wshop4 wshop1 wshop7 wshop6 wshop5 wshop2

Check out her website for more info on her process and new work, and be sure to follow her on Instagram for more of those lush fiber shots.

Upcoming Events:
Papermaking with Plants // Community BBQ
Sept. 19 :: 4-8pm
An Evening of Poetry
Oct. 10 :: 5-8pm

Both will take place at McKinley Meadows Community Gardens. These events are free and open to the public.

Keep on amazing us, Megan!