RAGBRAI: The Wild Iowa West on Wheels

By Julie,

In the Real World

Right now, Casey Latiolais and Eric Sucher are scarfing tamales and french silk pie, and none of those calories will touch their hambones. Nope. Because next week they will be biking it all away during  RAGBRAI – a week-long bike ride across Iowa.

I ride, but like, I have a Huffy. These guys bike it up big time, just like everything they do. From July 19-25, they’ll strap on their helmets and set their sights towards 468 miles of small towns, campsites, and grinning sweaty people. They promised to document the ride, so next week will be full of pictures from their great adventure. We wish them an awesome ride.

To Casey, Eric, and all you banana-seat bikers out there: may the wind you break be ever at your back.