Rummmmmmm Yum

By Jake,

It may be the booze talking, but we love booze here at Bruton Stroube. So we were pretty excited at the opportunity to shoot a super premium line of rum from Bacardi.

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Holiday Video Card 2014: Shift-Faced

By Brandon,

A famous person who writes words once wrote, “The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men gang aft agley.” If this were written today, it’d read something like, “Any plan you have will get jacked as soon as you add a box of wine to the mix.”

We wanted to know just how jacked things could get, so we broke out our kitchen set and spent three days doing things to a turkey that would make the most diehard carnivore a vegan. The result is Shift-Faced: A new twist to our traditional holiday video/card. read more » »

The Big Guy Just Wants Bacon

By Julie,

Hey, I like cookies and milk just as much as the next guy, but if I had to eat nothing but cookies and milk left by two billion kids in one night I’d probably judo kick Rudolph so hard he’d land in a new holiday.

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A Tale of Two Tonys

By Jake,

Earlier this week graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister released this fantastic and slightly NSFW video. It concerns this trend where people call themselves “storytellers” instead of “bankers” or “husky suit salespersons” or whatever it is they do for a living. We laughed, and one of our guys had to change his Twitter handle.

In the case of one of our Producers, Tony Biaggne, the title legitimately fits. read more » »

Now Playing: Donation

By Jake,

So one of our Bruton Stroube guys happened to be hanging out on the set of HBO’s Veep one day where he happened to meet Dana Powell, who plays a reoccurring character on the show as well as ABC’s Modern Family. As they got to talking, he asked Dana, “You wouldn’t by happenstance want to do a comedy piece with Bruton Stroube, would you?”, to which Dana replied, “As it happens I would. In fact, I happen to write comedy with my friend Paul Emerson, who happens to be a comedy director.” read more » »