New to the Crew

By Julie,

Well, hello there! I’m Julie, the newest member of the Bruton-Stroube brood. Before now, most of the stuff you’ve received in your feed have been from various hilarious photographers and retouchers who can now return to their day jobs instead of tweeting. That’s my job. I’m the new Social Media Hustler/ Moment Catcher. While I will be posting studio updates and teasers, most of my time will be spent lurking around every corner attempting to catch behind-the-scenes shenanigans. Trust me, there are so many shenanigans. Consider this my solemn oath to catch said shenanigans, wrap them in lovely ribbons, and share them with you abundantly. Oh, and I will be schooling the boys in foosball. That’s right, Dustin, I’m coming for you.


Garbage Pail Kids – Where are they now?

By Brandon,

30 Years Later, The Adult Variant Series

How this happened…
About a year ago, my friend Jake Houvenagle (a very talented local Art Director and Designer) and I (Brandon Voges, commercial lifestyle photographer at Bruton Stroube Studios) went to lunch to hang out, talk ideas, and drink good beer.  In the middle of our conversation, Jake tells me about this concept he has to shoot Garbage Pail Kids, 30 years later…as real people, in real situations, with backstories of how their lives have played out.  I then proceeded to crap my pants, tell him of his genius and get super excited.  I was a huge fan of Garbage Pail Kids and had a large collection as a kid.  The idea of revisiting them, thinking through their story and shooting these portraits was a dream.  We had to make this happen.

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Cooking Up A Storm – A Culinary Short Film

By Jake,

Storms can be frightening, they come in quietly only to wreak havoc in seconds. Storms are filled with sights, smells and colors unique to their presence. We think these qualities apply in the kitchen, too, and aim to prove it with our latest motion portfolio piece. “Cooking Up A Storm,” is our new culinary short film that was chopped, rinsed, sautéed and plated (not to mention conceived, produced, shot and edited) at our studios in Saint Louis.

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Rummmmmmm Yum

By Jake,

It may be the booze talking, but we love booze here at Bruton Stroube. So we were pretty excited at the opportunity to shoot a super premium line of rum from Bacardi.

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