Peep Show

By tom,

The Saint Louis Post-Dispatch recently held a photo contest with a marshmallow Peep theme. Mandi spearheaded the operation to get some fun BSS-related entries to the contest.
The contest rules, entries, voting and results can be found here.
Our other entries…


Greg Stroube to receive ASMP “Photographic Vanguard Award”

By bss_admin,

Just announced!
From Jeremy DeWeese, President of ASMP:

“For the emerging photographer, you are symbol of what it is that one could aspire to become. For that reason, the ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers) board has convened and bestowed upon you the honor of being the first recipient of the “Photographic Vanguard Award.”  It is my hope that you will honor me by allowing me to work with you to create an event that highlights your accomplishments, by presenting a retrospective of your work, and by allowing those that have worked with you, and been inspired by you, an opportunity to share that with the community.”

Event date will be May 8th.  We’ll post an article with details soon as we get it.

Congratulations Greg!  You go boy!

Out Slackin’ on the Slopes

By Brandon,

Out in Colorado for a weekend of snowboarding and happened to cross paths with the man, the legend, the frosty mustache himself, Mr. Tom Stringer.  Here he is at the North Bowl (maybe 1-2 minutes from watching me roll down the run “White Crown”).  Here is a nice big breckenridge map, in case you want to try to find out where we were.
Cheers to daylight savings time!


The New Bruton-Stroube Hats are in!

By Brandon,

Mmmmmm…schwag!  Our funky new Bruton-Stroube hats are in.  We have two styles, military and regular baseball cap.  The military are in black and green, and the baseball caps are in beige and green (hats are modeled below by the very pretty, and new studio member, Mr. James McKenzie).  All the hats have a red tag on the side that has a small logo stitched into it.  If you’d like to get a hold of one of these limited edition hats, drop Tom or Beau a line to see how.