Now (Re-)Playing: Behind the Scenes of “The Paintball Office” Photo Shoot

By James,

After hitting a couple of snags with some music licenses, we’re re-releasing the paintball office video with a new soundtrack, courtesy of yours truly.
If you haven’t seen it yet, give it an ogle– this video was picked up by blogs all over the place, netting us over a hundred thousand YouTube hits and making it our most successful video yet. Every time I make a new video, I think about how the paintball video set the bar. It was a semi-enjoyable nightmare to compose a new soundtrack for this video, so let us know what you think.

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Peep Show

By tom,

The Saint Louis Post-Dispatch recently held a photo contest with a marshmallow Peep theme. Mandi spearheaded the operation to get some fun BSS-related entries to the contest.
The contest rules, entries, voting and results can be found here.
Our other entries…


Greg Stroube to receive ASMP “Photographic Vanguard Award”

By bss_admin,

Just announced!
From Jeremy DeWeese, President of ASMP:

“For the emerging photographer, you are symbol of what it is that one could aspire to become. For that reason, the ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers) board has convened and bestowed upon you the honor of being the first recipient of the “Photographic Vanguard Award.”  It is my hope that you will honor me by allowing me to work with you to create an event that highlights your accomplishments, by presenting a retrospective of your work, and by allowing those that have worked with you, and been inspired by you, an opportunity to share that with the community.”

Event date will be May 8th.  We’ll post an article with details soon as we get it.

Congratulations Greg!  You go boy!