By Jake,

Announcements Our Team Visual Effects Work

We’re pumped to officially introduce Brian Ellebracht and our new 3D & CGI showreel. Brian is a St. Louis native that bounced around the country working at small boutique Post Houses like DreamWorks over the last decade and a half before looking to come back to STL. When we heard he was looking for a job locally, we had to have him come by for an interview. We were not only impressed with his work (projects like Shrek and DOOM, what!) but also when we met him we found out he was just a really cool dude.

Brian will be leading the troops on projects requiring visual effects, animation, compositing, VR, set extensions, full CG scenes (or blending with live action) and even 3D printed assets. If he’s not locked up in his office banging out renders like a madman, you’ll probably find him over in the coffee shop perfecting his pour over technique. 

So for now sit back, relax, grab a cup of joe and enjoy.