BSS Motion Showreel

By Julie,

Motion Post Production Visual Effects Work

Hey everyone! We’re proud to present our motion production and post reel. A huge THANK YOU goes out to all of our clients and friends – without your great concepts, vision and collaboration, none of this would be possible. Get comfy and enjoy!

Reel Grabs-3

Reel Grabs-8

Reel Grabs-7

Reel Grabs

Reel Grabs-6

Reel Grabs-5

Reel Grabs-21

Reel Grabs-18

Reel Grabs-20

Reel Grabs-17

Reel Grabs-16

Here’s some stills of the visual effects work shown in the reel:

Reel Grabs-10

Reel Grabs-19

Reel Grabs-14

Reel Grabs-13

Reel Grabs-11

Reel Grabs-12

To see more of our work or to see the full-length spots, hop on over to our Vimeo page, or follow us on Instagram and Facebook for a fresh feed of new work and bts.