MAKING OF: Palm Desert Tourism Stills + Motion

Them:  “Hey, can you go to a beautiful place, spend time in the prime spots, and capture people doing the things that people travel here and pay money to do?  You know, resorts, hiking, shopping and golf?”

Me:  “Um…hell yes.”

So off we headed to Palm Desert California to shoot motion pieces and print ads for our friends at H&L Partners for the Palm Desert Tourism Board.

We lugged ourselves (and gear) up the mountain before sunrise, swam our RED Dragon around in the pool, ran the sun down at the golf course, and chased around talent as they shopped the afternoon away.

Palm Desert was also the site of one of my most memorable wrap parties.  We went to a famous dive bar in town with terrible music, and apparently, a random clown that shows up every so often…lucky us?  So creepy.