Making of: Cargill Lifestyle

We were recently tasked to shoot a library of lifestyle images for Cargill with our friends at Blacktop Creative that centered around their premium burgers, friends, and…unfortunately for us, freaking cold temperatures.  The images tell a warm and springlike story, but the reality of this February production was a windy 28 degree day with few leaves on the trees.  Just out of frame on these outdoor shots were a dozen propane heaters blasting the set, and a fake tree (or 12) in the background to green things up.

No talent or crew got frostbite (that we know of), but we definitely needed a few adult hot beverages when we wrapped this one up!
Shot over 2 days, and 2 locations, below are the results with a dose of frosty Behind the Scenes.  Cheers!

cargill_BTS-2605 cargill_BTS-2617 cargill_BTS-2621 cargill_BTS-2624 cargill_BTS-2633 cargill_BTS-2638 cargill_BTS-2648 cargill_BTS-2653 cargill_BTS-2655 cargill_BTS-2661 cargill_BTS-2668 cargill_BTS-2675 cargill_BTS-2682 cooking_with_dad-0902 couple_bbq-2323 couple_bbq-2327 couple_bbq-2340 family_building-2201 grilling_patio-1685 picnic_party-2080 prepping_product-1240 tailgating-1568