MAKING OF: Casual Dining Food Series

There’s always that one place that cooks up insanely good comfort food. Whether that place is a bar, diner, restaurant, or your mom’s house, the food lends itself to casual conversation and good times. Throwing a pint of your favorite stout in the mix makes it all the merrier.

To celebrate the casual dining experience, Greg Stroube created stills of some of his personal favorite dishes.

Food stylist, Julia Calleo creates a delicious sandwich on set

Greg Stroube sets up the shot

A food stylist touches up a dish on set.


Greg Stroube sets up his camera for an overhead shot of a dish

A food stylist works on styling a steak

A food stylist views the set on a monitor before deciding to make any changes

Greg Stroube and a food stylist tweak a dish to find the best shot

Food stylist, Julia Calleo arranges a dish on a set