MAKING OF: Black, White, and Blue Food Series

Greg Stroube worked in a limited color palette for this series of food photography. In a culinary context, this color space is unusual – he incorporated unlikely ingredients like squid ink pasta, purple sweet potatoes, and waxy honeycomb.

The work was a team effort – food stylists, props, partners, producers. We dug through inspiration, pulled together materials, switched this out for that, baked up a new tart with a different fruit to see which looked prettier. The collaboration is essential to composing the shot; it’s the real fun of the work.

Greg incorporated a few spots of other colors here and there, allowing the color space to breathe while keeping the palette restrained.

Greg took a torch to one of the cedar surfaces in true ‘shou-sugi-ban’ fashion, a Japanese technique which preserves the wood and creates a unique finish.




BSS BTS- 142

BSS BTS- 103


BSS BTS- 117


BSS BTS- 333