New Work: Just Right by Purina

By Julie,

Motion Photography Work


We recently teamed up with the crew at Checkmark for a fully integrated production resulting in multiple spots and a library of candid editorial stills for Just Right by Purina. The idea behind the campaign was to meet with 3 groups of real customers that use Just Right for their dogs, giving them the chance to share their stories about why they use this personalized food for their pets. Basically: living, breathing (panting) testimonials.

The whole kit and caboodle took place over the course of a week and a half, and we used one day to film and shoot with each customer. The Stills and Motion teams covered a lot of ground together – 3 separate cities around the country – making the most of the limited time we had with each of the customers. We buddied up amongst stormy fields, cozy homes, and busy sidewalks to get the shots that complimented each other and showed off the genuine moments.

So without further ado, here’s the full doggie bag of goodies.

Penny, Hannah and Hal


Our goal was to stay out of the way as much as possible and let the owners and their dogs interact naturally.





Biscuit, Kristen

Andy DeVries was the Motion Editor on this whole project, and he was great as a collaborator with the clients on crafting the stories.


Katie, Thomas and Pat




This island was a gorgeous location to shoot, and it made sure we were aware of its awesomeness – by rolling in a storm as we hit the fields. We were like JUST SHOOT! GO! as the clouds rumbled around us. Luckily Mother Nature took it easy on us, and we were able to wrap up the shoot without breaking out our umbrella hats.






Swing by the site to see the live work over here: Just Right by Purina

Agency: Checkmark
Producer: Eric Sucher
Photographer: Brandon Voges
Director: Tim Wilson
DoP: James McKenzie
Editor: Andy DeVries
Sound Design & Mix: Steve Horne