Category: Food Stylings

Dead Poet Series: Spring is Like a Perhaps Hand

By Julie,

We’re really excited to introduce “Spring is like a Perhaps Hand,” the first installment of a new project called the Dead Poets Series – short films about drinks and food inspired by poetry. Brace yourself: This isn’t your goat-boy-galloping-down-the-lane-piping-a-piccolo-and-waking-the-daffodils video. Following the rhythm of E.E. Cummings’ “Spring is like a …

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Popcorn + Bacon? Yes, please.

By Jake,

Were you at Kegs with Legs? Did you stumble upon the candied bacon caramel corn? Since the party we’ve received several requests to pass along the recipe to this tasty snack. And hey, what’s there better to do this rainy afternoon? Buckle up those taste buds for a boost of …

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