Holiday Video Card 2014: Shift-Faced

By Brandon,


A famous person who writes words once wrote, “The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men gang aft agley.” If this were written today, it’d read something like, “Any plan you have will get jacked as soon as you add a box of wine to the mix.”

We wanted to know just how jacked things could get, so we broke out our kitchen set and spent three days doing things to a turkey that would make the most diehard carnivore a vegan. The result is Shift-Faced: A new twist to our traditional holiday video/card. In fact, it’s so new and twisty you can’t even view it in our Fresh Feed. Just click on the link below and enjoy the ride. And thanks to all of you who make Bruton Stroube a wonderfully productive place to make pretty things. May this Holiday Card cook your goose…er…turkey with a hearty chuckle. Two big things before you hit the site. First, it won’t work on mobile devices. Second, don’t forget to hit the shift button randomly during the experience.  Happy Holidays from your friends at Bruton Stroube!

Bruton Stroube Studios Presents: Shift-Faced


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