Holiday Video Card 2014 Behind The Scenes

By Jake,

Holiday Motion Work

It’s never a Bruton Stroube Holiday Video/Card without a little behind the scenes tomfoolery. Oh, and if you haven’t watched the full bird yet, head over to




Brainstormers:  The entire Bruton Stroube Crew
Directed by Tim Wilson
Director of Photography: Brandon Voges
Written by Tony Biaggne
Camera: James McKenzie
Animation: Casey Latiolais
Editor:  Andy DeBries
Sound Designer: Steve Horne
Producers: Eric Sucher, Tony Biaggne, Matt Seimer
Food Stylist:  Cathy Chipley
Props & Wardrobe:  Stevie Levy, Cathy Rauch
Drunk/Sober Hands: Eric Sucher
VO: Tony Biaggne, Matt Siemer
BTS Cameras: Jake Potts, Lucas Harger, Casey Latiolais