Dead Poet Series: Spring is Like a Perhaps Hand

By Julie,

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We’re really excited to introduce “Spring is like a Perhaps Hand,” the first installment of a new project called the Dead Poets Series – short films about drinks and food inspired by poetry.

Brace yourself: This isn’t your goat-boy-galloping-down-the-lane-piping-a-piccolo-and-waking-the-daffodils video. Following the rhythm of E.E. Cummings’ “Spring is like a perhaps hand,” this short piece is a dark, creepy cocktail creation with allusions to a leather-booked study setting. The project is marked with interesting camera angles, fixed rigs, and sharp sound design. Put on your Vincent Price lenses and enjoy.

The Big O BTS- 555

The Big O BTS- 490

The Big O BTS- 549

The Big O BTS- 484

The Big O BTS- 538

The Big O BTS- 521

We’re completely open to suggestions for the series – if you have a favorite short poem, or you have a particular drink or dish you’d like to see broken down to a poem, hit us up on Facebook and share.