Bruton Stroube // Slo-Mo Booth 2: Duels

By Julie,

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Good Things Come to Those Who Slo-Mo

I know you’ve been weeping in anticipation. Without further ado, I give you Slo-Mo Booth 2: Duels.

Huge shoutout to DJ MAHF for spinning at the party and providing the music for the video. And while we’re thanks-ing, this whole setup wouldn’t have been possible without two amazing companies. Abel Cine provided us with 3 Phantom HD Gold cameras, while Bad Dog Pictures lit the entire set with cool (as in neat, but also as in not burning-hot) LED fixtures. They are awesome to work with, we use them all the time, and you should too.


Here is a series of highlight stills from the slo-mo footage for your enjoyment.





The Plan
To celebrate St. Louis Design Week, we opened our doors and hosted the 25th Kegs With Legs Party (a traveling happy hour for ad industry folk), featuring the second coming of the Slo-Mo Booth (See the original Slo-Mo Booth Supercut here). This time, we decked out the studio with a full back-alley set, 3 Phantom HD Gold cameras, and 6 racks of costumes and props. As the cameras whirred along at 1000fps, the partygoers faced off in the most extreme food/flop fight in the history of slo-mo.

The Party – Instant Playback
While trying to step up our slo-mo game, we wanted to make sure our friends at the party had a blast. The set was an open invitation for the guests to participate, and after folks donned gear and weapons (e.g. banana suit and a confetti popper), they took the stage. As the curtain went up, the dueling sides attacked. The three phantom cameras captured their most daring dashes, regal defenses, and wounded egos, then provided instant playback footage to the sight and delight of our partygoers.


How we did it: We had 3 Phantom HD Gold cameras, networked together so they could be monitored, armed, and triggered by a central workstation.  The footage was dumped to our SAN (Storage Area Network read: big, fast-ass storage) and accessed by MacBooks that were driving the playback monitors. The two 60″ displays mounted above the set played back the previous duel, and the three other large-format displays shuffled through the latest footage from all three camera angles.



Behind the Scenes
It took several weeks of planning, experimenting, building, and spelunking through junkyards in order to create the back alley set. All foodstuffs (both edible and throwable) were developed and prepared by our in-house Food Stylist, Cathy Chipley. And yes, those cakes were tasty at full-speed. Here’s how the whole shebang played out:

The set in it’s naked, roughed-out, freshly-built stage.

The wide, wonderful world of junk we picked through in order to find the perfect back-alley elements.

Afterwords, we all went out for smoothies and tetanus shots.

The set is coming together, just one day before the party. What a mess.





DJ MAHF, spinning so fast you can’t even see his hands!

All bets are off, folks.




Backstage Before

Backstage After


Cleaning up…

…as if it never even happened.

At least we have a rad video to reminisce.

A huge THANK YOU to everyone that made it out to the party. We had a great time seeing everyone and an even better time watching everyone make a mess on stage for the fun of it.