Black, White, Blue – Food Photography Series by Greg Stroube

By Julie,

Photography Work

Using a limited color palette, Greg Stroube created 6 new stills for his series of ‘Black, White, and Blue Foods.’ It’s a cool challenge, considering how unusual these colors are in the culinary context.

Black White Blue Food Series_Black_Coffee and Chocolate_Comp copy

Black White Blue Food Series_Black_Savory_Comp copy

That surface? Charred cedar. Greg took a torch to it in true ‘shou-sugi-ban’ fashion, a Japanese technique which preserves the wood and creates a unique finish.



Greg incorporated a few spots of other colors here and there, allowing the color space to breathe while keeping the palette restrained.

Black White Blue Food Series_Blue_Sorbet_Comp copy

Black White Blue Food Series_Blue_Deep Blue_Comp copy

For more delicious beau-titious food photography by Greg, check out his Casual Dining series, or follow him on Instagram.