Behind the Scenes: BSS Holiday Greeting 2011

By Jake,

Behind the Scenes Holiday Photography

Happy 2012! We had a ton of fun over the holidays and hope you did the same.  Our 2011 Holiday Card may have given you a glance at a few of our shenanigans.  Spiked punch, Santa Claus, raining money, police and a very large horse all made their way into the card.  Here are some BTS cell phone snapshots of the fun (borderline absurd?) production. And yes, the horse was real and had a comfortable 4″ clearance under the doors.  

Our holiday card this year was inspired by a project we just completed for our friends at The Alchemedia Project which just went live the other day, and you can check it out here.
think I’m getting cops and a pony so work those into your matrix.” -Matt Siemer
“Also, don’t forget about the gorilla suit.” -Brandon Voges
“Liquid spraying out of nostril formerly corked with marshmallow?” – James McKenzie
A full 360° view of the blank room:
Click & drag to see the blank canvas:
Just before remodeling began on the new Motion department workspace, we had to break it in the only way we knew how… with a little festive soiree.  We started with a rough diagram of where to setup the party elements.
The setup: