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As a place that makes pretty pictures and movies for a living, we never forget that it's our clients who make all of this possible. That's one of the reasons why we started this tradition of a holiday video/card. It's our way of saying thanks to those we have the pleasure of working with. The other reason is because we like stupid funny stuff and have a blast making these things.

If you'd like to see more stupid funny stuff, check out the holiday videos we've done in the past below. And if you want to see our real work, visit our grownup site at

Thanks, and Happy Holidays from Bruton Stroube Studios!

2013 Décor Amore

For Behind the Scenes and more about Decor Amore, visit here.

2012 The Perfect Gift

For Behind the Scenes and more about The Perfect Gift, visit here.

2011 Panoramic Party

2011 Panoramic Party

To interact with the 2011 card and see some Behind the Scenes visit here.

2010 Gingerbread Man

2009 Holiday Video

For Behind the Scenes and more about the 2009 Holiday Video, visit here.

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